I have been interested in people’s appearance and how people’s lifestyle is alike. Appearance is a part of our identity.When you see someone, you can recognize a little bit about their personalities and their life through their individual appearance.


Incidentally, what is an identity? How do we develop own identities? This question is the primarily theme of my work.


When I was in a junior high and high school, I had a difficult time to have relationship with others because I had been bullied and ignored at that time. It would sound common experience of puberty. However, when I changed my outfit, people changed their attitude toward me. They started to notice me, and our relationship became better. Since then, I have started to pay attention more about my appearance, even though I realized the fashion’s power and its point of controversy.


We struggle and are ashamed by ideal images given by mass media. There are many different issues and ironies in our society I recognized through those images that affects our lifestyle as well. Furthermore, there are some issues around gender obviously. When we are overly exposed and consume images in the media so much, we become confused about what is real and what is fake. In result, we become addicted to them but there is underlying meaning hidden under the beautiful surface.


My painting begins with a photographic source taken from various forms of mass media, advertisements, and my self-portrait collaged by Photoshop. After that, I use a projector to trace the outline and paint almost the same by hand. The process indicates my concept but also, even I use the images collected from mass media and painted like a photograph, It has the reality of physical movement and material's texture.


My work is based on my personal issue, but it is connected to greater problems and irony in our society.